Monday, March 25, 2013

Comments on waging a living

For some reason I can't post to your individual blogs on waging a living.
It's understandable that you found the film Depressing.  It underscores that employment does not guarantee economic security and for low wage workers often means terrible poverty.  And terrible stress. This is not a reality that we often hear about in the media or from conservative discourse which often argues that people are poor because they have failed somehow or lack certain values.

One section of the film that I find,most disturbing is when the woman who is trying to finish college talks to her professor about her problems with the course. He urges her to apply herself!
Jacki posted a brief commentary on the film which was really interesting.  Though if I had been that reporter I would have flipped his solutions and started with expanded social and political support
You've posted good links.  

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